Leviton Dimmer advanced options - how to configure?

I have a some Leviton DZ6HD switches, and they claim I can configure some things like dim level at power on, fade on/off time, etc in “advanced options”. These are things I can’t set just using the paddle like other switches.

However I don’t know how to get to a place I can set any of these options.

From the manual:
Leviton Devices are configurable through the paddle as well as over the z-wave network. Compatible z-wave controllers can add support for additional advanced options. Consult your z-wave controller manufacturer for compatibility with advanced feature support.


Indeed, how do you get to these options? Does anyone know?

Has anyone had any luck with this yet? I’m currently using a Wink and have no luck with it there either.

If you use the following device type handler, it should expose all the parameters for you to set:

If you haven’t used custom code before, it’s pretty straightforward. Basically you’re going to copy the author’s code and paste it into your own account. Here’s the FAQ for that process:

If you have any further questions, ask in the DTH thread and people who are using this device will be able to help you there. :sunglasses:

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I have also posted a device handler (having not spotted the one by jasonxh). See my post at

I’m following the FAQ for how to configure a DTH. I’m an IT guy and used to be a programmer but I’m having a hard time :). The steps are as follows (with my experience added) …

DT1) Copy the code from the author. Done

DT2) Sign in to the Developers section of the SmartThings website. (To get there, first click on “Community” at the top right of this page, then click on “Developer Tools” in the top right of that next page.) Done

DT3 Choose Device Handlers, then Add a New Device Handler from Code. Done

DT4) Paste in the code you copied, change anything necessary based on the author’s instructions, then CREATE it for yourself. Done

DT5) Once the Device Handler is published in your own library, select MY DEVICES in the IDE and choose the specific device you want to have use that new device handler. Done - choose the ‘Kitchen Dimmer’ in my case; up pops lots of info about the z-wave plus device

DT6) Edit the Device so that it uses that device type handler. _OK - here’s where I’m stuck. I click ‘edit’ at the bottom, and now I get to change some settings. But I don’t see anything obvious to flip it over to the new handler. I see ‘Type’ … and it’s currently set to Zwave Dimmer Switch Generic … I look through the list but don’t see my device. Is this the place …? _

HA - found it - it was in the list for ‘Type’, but it was at the very bottom of the list, not alpha like everything else :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening guys while I muddled through this :slight_smile:

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I’ve done everything mentioned here, but I don’t see any changes in my ST app. Should I see a change? As of now, I only see the basic on/off with a circle dimmer… no way to see these preferences. I can manually edit values in IDE, but that’s it. Is that how it’s supposed to be?

Which DTH did you install?
In the classic app you get to the settings like in any other device by tapping the cog. I don’t think any of the DTH mentioned here work in the new app.

I installed JDRoberts DTH for the DZ6HD switches I just installed, which was updated as recently as Dec 2018, if I recall. Are you aware of a Leviton dimmer DTH that works in the new app?

Nope. I haven’t even bothered to download the new app.

So, eventually when the classic app no longer works, or isn’t supported, won’t all the DTHs stop working, unless they figure out a way for them to work on the new ST app? It seems like a problem if users are hanging on to an older version of an app, despite the developer encouraging transition to the new app.

I know this is getting off-topic fast, but do you recommend I ditch the new app and just go to the classic app, or, since I’m a new user to smartthings, by doing that am I just creating more work for myself in the long run since I’ll inevitably need to transition at some point anyway?

Anyone have an update on this? I am looking to change the fade on and off times on my leviton switches.

You can now set parameters and associations for any Z wave Mains powered device on your smartthings account using the “Z wave Tweaker.“ it’s very cool code. :sunglasses:

Read the instructions carefully and if you have any questions, ask in that thread.

[OBSOLETE] Z-Wave Tweaker

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Thank you, worked great!

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