Dimmers remembering the previous brightness level

I have 1 GE 14294 Smart Dimmer, and 1 Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ. At the switch, both will turn on to the previous brightness level. Through ST, the GE remembers the last setting, but the Leviton turns on at full brightness. Aside from creating scenes, is there a way to force the behavior I want through a simple on? Ideally, I would like the Levitons to come on at the previous level.

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You can set the individual parameters:

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Thanks for the quick response! I have added the new device handler, and changed the “Type” on my device to “Leviton Decora Z-Wave Plus Dimmer” through the developer portal. Is there anything else I need to do? This is the first custom thing I’ve done :slight_smile:

Now you need to configure the switch in the phone app :slight_smile:

Another note: You may want to consider changing the device type back to the original one after you set your configuration. The configuration you set should be retained in the switch. This will allow your switch to “run local” again.

It’s seems I didn’t have to do anything else after changing the type in the web portal. I just got home and opened the app, and The device was updated already. I have full control over all settings through the app, and the ON to 99% bug is gone :slight_smile:

If I now change the type back, will I lose all the extra app functionality?

Correct - if you change it back, you will loose the app functionality but your device will be “local processing” again. Your switch will retain the setting from the app (e.g. 99% on).

So it is your choice: maintain ability to configure on quickly OR run the switch “local”. It will depend on how often you plan to change the settings - both has benefits.

Thanks. This particular switch is controlling under cabinet lights that are mainly either off, or dimmed at night. I don’t like the way the GE adjusts, and the lights on the GE don’t seem as bright as they should be at full brightness. So I will be going all Leviton everywhere else. Good to know what my options are with this switch!

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FYI - here is the same for the GE Dimmer, just in case: