Dimmers Always Turn On at %100

ST always turns on my dimmers (Leviton Z-Wave mostly) to 100%, irrespective of what the dimmer setting was when last turned off. This happens when toggling on from ST apps, AT, and Alexa. I have a few dozen dimmers and they all do this. Any thoughts?

I can’t comment on the Leviton, but the two JASCO dimmers I have always come back at the last level set, using the ST app, Alexa or the switch itself. So it sounds like an issue with the dimmer?

I forgot to mention this happens will all my dimmable devices.

Is this your device? If so, the installation manual shows some configuration parameters in the top right. “Preset Light Level” is a likely suspect.


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What SmartApp in ST is actually turning these dimmers on? Most apps can either issue an ‘on’ command, which should restore the last dim level. However, if your automations are issuing a ‘setLevel’ command to turn them on, the level will be whatever you have set in that automation.

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Good feedback guys. I’ll give these a try and report back. Thanks!

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