Smartthings Hub Availability?

Hello folks,
I was one of the original backers on KS for Smartthings but never did anything with it. Now I am looking at getting a newer hub for a rental property but I am not seeing the availability of any hubs. I may have missed it, but there is no “store” on the main site, and seems like Amazon is sold out as well. This usually means that there is a new version coming out, but have found any reference on this board. Can someone enlighten me a little?

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SmartThings is getting out of the hardware business and in the process of licensing it out to other companies. So far, Aeotec has been announce for the EU market and another for South Korea.

That’s all the info that has been made available up this point.

Thanks, I had seen this comment in the past, but I think that it’s leaving a gaping hole at this point since there is no hardware to be found (at a reasonable price). It also doesn’t give any details for North American market. This is the holiday shopping season and I would think that they would have product available to take advantage of this time of the year.

Question, can I still use my version 1 hub with the new app and some of the programs available such as RBoy’s lock manager/scheduler?

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You can use the v1 Hub, but most likely it will loose support at the beginning of the next year. I cannot remember which Announcement topic had the timeline for retiring some old hardware, but generally the v1 hasn’t received any firmware update for years. Someone might will give you the reference to the right topic.