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Maybe I’m late to the party, but are Smarthings devices (either theirs or compatible) still available for sale or is Smarthings winding down as a business?

I set up my system a few years ago and it has more or less just worked. Recently a few sensors have failed (moisture detector & multipurpose). All in all I got a decent life out of them for small battery powered things so I was going to replace them. On the Samsung store at https://www.samsung.com/us/smart-home/smartthings/all-smartthings/?shop=Buy+Online almost nothing is listed for sale. They used to sell a variety of devices, both ones they made and ones made by others. Now there is almost nothing.

On their website I couldn’t find anything mentioned about them discontinuing the business. Nor in the “announcements” forum here. But if people can’t buy devices then it does seem like the business is moribund.

This has been much discussed, including officially. Samsung is getting out of the business of designing and supporting home automation devices, including hubs, And turning that over to partner companies. They will still create the app and the cloud.

So far the only partner announced is Aeotec. They have a re-branded version of the V3 hub taking pre-orders in Germany and the UK for delivery in a few weeks, but no timeline on the US yet.

See any of the many existing threads on the topic, including the official announcement. (Not sure why you missed that one, but it’s there.)

An Update Regarding our Hardware

Or this community discussion:

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As far as compatible devices from other companies, smartthings is a certified Z wave hub and a certified zigbee hub, so compatible devices should still be available from a number of different manufacturers depending on the country you live in.

That doesn’t mean every device of that protocol will also work with smartthings, the model number still matters, but it does mean there should still be lots of light switches, sensors, light bulbs, in line relays, etc. that will work even if there is no longer a smartthings brand Equivalent.

Also…SmartThings is still mostly a cloud-based system. So if they did ever decide to shut down the cloud (they have said they are not going to do that, but I’m just saying if they did), then you would have to move to a new hub. But most of the devices that work with a smartthings hub would also work with another hub/platform, again it comes down to the individual model numbers.