Is SmartThings out of business?

My first experience with smarthing was limited to Samsung cooktop and was awful. The iphone application could not connect 90% of the time and was poping up a message box with the connection error message thus blocking the whole iphone. Once you press the OK button it immediately tried to reconnect with the same result. It was the most amateurish application ever on any platfrom and system I’ve ever came accross.
Now gradually the things got better, somehow I got an invite email from smarthings to try the new application and it surprisingly worked much better.
I went ahead and bought myself a $200 z-wave water valve with an intent to buy a smarthing hub and some water leak sensors. When that one arrived to my dismay it appeared that both the hub and the leak sensors have been sold out for quite some time.
There are of course other manufacturers of z-wave systems but none of them is very appealing.
Fortunately the manufacturer of the smart water valve understands the situation and urgently devloped a wifi version. They offered to swap it out for free. I see they put more effort on wifi rather than relying on 3rd party hubs now.
What is going on with Smartthing ? Is the company trying to commit a suiside ? I think they are succeeding.

SmartThings is getting out of the hardware business and in the process of licensing it out to other companies. So far, Aeotec has been announce for the EU market and another for South Korea.

That’s all the info that has been made available up this point.

It certainly feels like it sometimes… :worried: I can’t believe they decided to drop the hardware side before having alternatives ready, but that seems to be par for the course for them lately.

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