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Guys I woke up this morning and nothing was working correctly. Couldn’t run my Alexa routines and when I checked smartthings it says all of my devices are offline. Hub is connected. I did try a power cycle reset on the hub but everything is still off line. I do have one power plug and my Samsung tvs that are connected. None of the other wifi or zigbee or zwave devices are connecting.

Any suggestions?

I currently have the same situation . All sensors and routines are offline but the hub is the only device that is currently working and online . Did the reset and power cycle. Maybe it had a firmware update and had a bug or maybe the servers are offline

Hey, there are a few other threads going already on this that you can view in the “Latest” topics.

Essentially, users all over the americas (and likely other regions) are experiencing this, which seems to have started around 7:00am EST. SmartThings page isn’t showing any disruptions, but that is indeed what it appears to be.

I’m just waiting it out at this point…

Nothing acknowledged officially, but lots of customers are having the same problems. See the following thread:

Any known outages 2020-06-21

Outage now posted to the official status page: