Dumb switch

With the trend towards controllable bulbs, is there any “dumb” switches that ST controls? For example, I’m looking for a Z-Wave Decora wall switch that does not include the AC load relay. Can I assume I can take an existing Z-Wave switch and not connect the load?

And is there an App that will take the Z-Wave switch status and turn on/off other devices? In other words, if I turn on/off one Z-wave switch, automatically turn on/off another. I can’t find such an App, though it seems pretty obvious.

I do something similar for virtual switched outlets. I have a GE Zwave switch that has no load, and it just controls turning on or off a zwave outlet that I have a lamp plugged into via two very simple SmartApps I created. I’m sure it can be done with one app, but my limited development skills kept me from doing more work on it.

If I recall correctly, I think there’s a shared app called Switch Outlet, or something to that effect.

In addition, I’m looking for a Decora switch for a garage door. You helped me with Fortrezz MIMOlite interface which works fantastic. I would like a virtual Decora switch that would indicate garage door status (open/closed). I would think you could take an existing Z-Wave wall switch with a status LED and not use the load. I would assume there is some way to control the led to be the door closed status. Of course On/Off switch is not as natural as a push button for a garage door.

Is this switch a dumb or virtual switch:

I notice ST lists this device as compatible.

That’s a normal Zwave switch, and very suitable. Save yourself $10 and go to Lowes and pick up the GE switches in their Iris display. They are also Zwave devices. Lowes just relabled them to include the Iris logo. I have over 30 of the switches and outlets from Lowes, several smoke and co2 detectors, and a couple of the water sensors. Anything labeled with just the Iris logo will not work, only rebranded devices like the stuff I mentioned.

Oops, I meant this one:

But it doesn’t look like ST supports this.