Remote but in wall switch form factor?

Does anyone make a remote type control, only as a wall switch form factor? The specific use case here being if you have a chunk of direct addressable bulbs in ceiling fixtures, which you want the average person who doesn’t have an app installed on their phone be able to turn the lights on and off. If the lights get left off, since that kills power, it makes you unable to address then. The solution seems like mounting a switch that’s actually a remote which triggers the on-off operations at the bulbs while not touching the actual power going to the fixture. So basically a 1 button remote that looks like a wall switch.

Does such a thing exist?

Sure, if we had insteon support for ST you’d be in luck. Their switches mount on the wall and look like normal switches. I use them all over the house.

Just need the time to finish the insteon support for ST. Getting closer.

You can do that with any z-wave switch. Hook up power to the switch and power to the lights, but don’t connect anything to the load (switched) side of the z-wave switch. Then use a smart app like The Big Switch to control the lights based on the state of the z-wave switch.

I do something like this to control some table lamps that are plugged into Smartpower modules.

Of note, the Linear switches require a load in order to include the device on a zwave network.

I think Lutron has some in wall zwave switches. Check out Home Depot.

The GE dimmer switches will not work without a load either. For instance they don’t work with LEDs at all unless they are in series with a min wattage of approx. 40. Can’t remember the exact #.

Which wall switch did you use?

@ErnieG I use a regular old $0.87 single-pole switch from home depot, with a Aeon Micro Switch:

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Thanks Paul. So if I understand correctly, you didn’t hook the load into the microswitch or the lightswitch. I will have to give that a try.

Yes, that’s right. In my application, I’m not controlling a load directly.

@NorCalLights - Paul, this was a great tip, thanks!