Dumb Question Re: Pairing to V3 Hub

I have a new SmartThings Hub v3. Since it’s WiFi-friendly, can I unplug it from my router, bring the hub to the room where my device is ('cause my device is difficult to move), plug the hub into an AC outlet, connect the hub to my home’s WiFi or my cell phone’s hot spot, and pair the device to the hub that way?

tagging @garrett.kranz :slight_smile:

Yeah for sure, once connected to WiFi it can be brought where ever there is WiFi Signal with the information you’ve provided it.


Cool - thanks!

If I set it up on WIFI and only want to use WIFI when pairing, when I’ m done pairing if I plug the Hub into my Lan will it then use the direct connection over WIFI? I prefer having it hardwired.