SmartThings v3.0 Questions

So, the new V3 of smartthings allows devices connection via WiFi? Does that mean, as long as I have ST hub and a WiFi device on the same network I should have no problem connecting that smart WiFi device?
For instance, I have a trouble reaching GE Zvawe outdoor plug, I am hoping that if I install meross MSS620 WiFi Smart Outdoor Plug insted of GE plug and run Google mesh WiFi unit closer to the unit, it should work?

Not exactly.

The SmartThings V1 and V2 Hubs are able to connect to select compatible LAN (local area network) devices (i.e., Ethernet or WiFi) via your existing WiFi Router or Access Point.

This does not change for Hub V3!

The difference is that Hub V1 and V2 must be connected via wire (Ethernet) to your LAN (i.e., to your Router or to an Ethernet Switch or to a WiFi-to-Ethernet extender) in order to connect to the Internet (to the SmartThings Cloud)

Hub V3 can make that Internet Connection via WiFi. It does not change the way you connect to WiFi IP LAN Things.


O wow, thank you. I have completely misunderstood the WiFi option. So the new V3 box can be placed anywhere around the house as long as I can connect it to my home WiFi?

Yes. That may help you place it someplace where it has less interference on ZigBee and/or Z-Wave (or be more central to your ZigBee/Z-Wave Things).

But if your WiFi isn’t particularly strong, then all its communications with SmartThings Cloud could suffer.

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Thank you. Seems to me it does not make any sense to go with the V3 box.
Also, since I was under wrong impression that only V3 can connect WiFi devices I was thinking that new Samsung Smatthings mesh WiFi will be ideal for my home. However, since V2 box can connect WiFi devices I think I’d rather go with the proven Google Mesh WiFi, especially since Costco runs special of 4 Google Wifi units for $300.

The only thing makes me wonder, is if V3 box more stable? With my V2 box every time any update comes through, I loose half of my connections.