Basic connectivity question about the V3 hub

I’m new to the Smartthings Hub so be kind. I just received my v3 hub yesterday and installed it using the Smartthings app on my iPhone. Everything seems to be working correctly and I have the green light on the hub. What I don’t understand is that I don’t see the hub when looking thru the list of devices on my router? I’m guessing I need a better understanding of the basics of how the hub works but I have looked and honestly can’t find any information beyond what I consider to be “too” basic. Can someone point me to some documentation that might help? Thanks.

What router do you have? Is it connected by Ethernet or wireless?

My router is an Asus RT-AC87U. I have the hub connected via Ethernet, but I have looked thru the list of hardwired and wifi connected devices listed on my router and the hub mac address does not show up. Using the smartthings website it says it is online and it has a ip address that is within my DHCP range but the router does not show it. Maybe I just don’t understand how this thing works? I haven’t been able to locate any connectivity documentation.

After trying just about everything else I decided to power cycle the router. The hub now appears in my device list. LOL…guess I should have tried that first…:grin:

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