Ikea Tradfri (2 Button) Dimmer reverting to "Zigbee Button" DTH

Good evening,
I’ve got two of the 2 Button Dimmer switches from Ikea. I set both to the “Ikea Button” DTH, and they both work for a time. Then randomly, one of the units will revert to the “Zigbee Button” DTH. There isn’t any battery loss etc, and changing the DTH back works again, but after a few days it reverts again.
Any idea?

Less than 24 hours and the ikea button has already reverted to a zigbee button.
Any ideas?

Mine are all Zigbee Button, but I’ve got the Edge drivers installed.

I’ve tried the Edge Driver for “Zigbee Button” but despite multiple attempts the button presses are not recognised.

I removed and readded the device under the default Ikea Button DTH, and this time it appears to have stuck.

Strange why it was not sticking before, but happy a reset seems to have sorted it!