Dsc alarm stable?

(Gerardo Segovia ) #1

Been a vera user for a while. Want to switch to Samsung smarthings. I asked the question about 3 or 4 months ago. How stable is the dsc envistalink on smarthings. I currently have a server running on my pc(java). This way I have control through vera and the dsc app on android device. Can I use this setup with smarthings. Thanks

(joe) #2

I have a version that I’ve been running for quite a while without any issues. https://github.com/joejarvis64/j64.AlarmServer. Feel free to give it a try.

(Gerardo Segovia ) #3

This way it talks to smarthings on local network or through cloud. I know with the java server I run its local. So I don’t have to worry about port foward.

(joe) #4

It is all local so you will not need to punch any holes in your firewall. All packets exchanged between the Envisalink controller and the j64 alarm app is on your local network. Also, when using the smart things mobile app to arm/disarm/check status/etc requests are routed via the local hub over to the j64 alarm server and then forwarded to the Envisalink controller.

(Gerardo Segovia ) #5

I’ll probably order a hub today. Give it a shot. Thanks. I

(joe) #6

Just as a side note, there is a full web browser interface that runs on your local machine and allows you to arm/disarm/etc. so if you wanted to try out j64 alarm without the smart things integration to make sure it all works for you first before buying the hub it would support that.

(Gerardo Segovia ) #7

I’ll try it tomorrow. Thanks.

(Gerardo Segovia ) #8

Do you have to have a smartthings account to setup the server

(joe) #9

Yes, accounts are free though.

(Gerardo Segovia ) #10

Sounds good. I went ahead and ordered the hub. I’m going to give it a try. If dSC work’s. Can’t be any worse then vera. I’m thinking by now hub v2 should have bugs worked out. Where verá plus is still to new.thanks