DSC + Envisalink 4 + smartthings-dsc-alarm-server

Hello All!

I will be receiving the Envisalink 4 any time in the mail. Does anyone have any input as I did not see any posts with this version of the Envisalink in it.

  1. Should I assume that I can just follow the other posts to get it running, I see that there is a server module but has anyone gotten this to work without the dependency of a server?


In same boat. Will let you know how my install goes…

Thanks for the reply, when are you planning on installing? I am pretty technical so we could probably exchange any findings…


The device is due in before Friday. I don’t know if I’ll get it set up before the weekend, otherwise it will be next weekend. Have plans for the weekend so can’t do it then.

Priorities patrick :wink:

Hey, I resemble that statement… Damn Auto-correct…

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Here is my status:

  1. Envisalink 4 installed
  2. DSC Alarm Server(https://github.com/kholloway/smartthings-dsc-alarm) installed and talking to Envisalink 4 and seeing states on open and closed zones
  3. I have the devices created and OUAuth stuff going
  4. Cant get info from panel, tried a bunch of things but no go. This is probably due to missing a step and not understanding the environment.

Almost there…

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Where did you instal DSC Alarm Server? Having dificulties understanding your steps.

I installed it on my MAC Air for now, will move it over after I get it all working… I was am now able to see events in the Live Log so I am getting there. Just trying to sort out why ST app is not seeing all events…

Update: I now have DSC Alarm Server sending events ST API site and see them in the Live logs. Now I need to figure out what I may have done wrong with the devices etc, data they are receiving is not consistant, or maybe I dont get how its supposed to interact with mobile?

Hello Patrick,

Which implementation of DSC Alarm are you going to use, I see a number of spinoffs out there? Since you have been around ST land longer then I have you probably have looked into this more then I have.


Anyone using a different branch of Alarm Server, and if so is it better then the one I listed here?

ALARM SERVER : https://github.com/kholloway/smartthings-dsc-alarm

My Envisalink 4 arrives on Friday and this is my weekend project.

I have a new condo with the DSC 1616 panel. It is currently not connected to anything except the keypad by the front door and has one siren. I did not plan to use a monitoring service.

I had originally purchased a dialer to call my cell, but then found the ELV-4. Since the ELV-4 extends the control to your cell phone, what benefits of integration with ST did you expect to see benefits? Just curious what might be possible.

Will be following this tread to make my install easier.

Hey Joel!

I was kind of thinking the same thing but after setting this up here are just a couple things…

  1. Better UI, cool thing is you can tie this into your Smart Home Monitor with in ST
  2. If I wanted to I could set off other events like making the house a strobe light show.

For now that is all I could think of but its only been a week since I installed it.


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please follow this in the original smartthings for adt thread. there are many versions of this alarmserver.

the one above has my version of code mixed with kholloway, ethomasii, and rfish8u. i can arm/disarm from the LAN without port forwarding, and it has individual doors for other access like ifttt integration.

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Do you guys have any news about the Envisalink 4 working with the smartthings v2?

Worked for me. I did not read the notes closely so I caused my own issues. You have to set it up as per the notes then go in to app on phone to configure your smartthings alarm which I was initially confused about.

Did you have to do any kind of modification for the Envisalink 4? If yes, could you share the modifs?

I installed the EVL-4 for my DSC 1616 and it was easy to install and connect to Envisalink.

I don’t think you can link to ST without a Raspberry PI or some other server running the Alarm Server app off Github.

I found the mobile app from Envisalink to be more than adequate and I can do what I need to arm/disarm and receive text alerts or emails from Envisalink.

If there is an SmartApp at some point or Envisalink somehow integrates to ST, I will be the first onboard, but I just don’t want the headache of running any kind of server or maintaining code to get the direct integration.