Switching to smartthings DSC?

Hey guys here new to the forum, I’m been debating on buying the ST v2 hub. I been using vera for over a year works good but of course there is always hiccups. Been checking on compatible device. I got around 20 zwave device that I belive the only one that might not work is my thermostat. My main concern is DSC envisalink, I have a tablet that’s stays running all day and it runs Android DSC server. And from there I have it link to VERA. Will this work with Smartthing. Or do I need to run a different kind of server for Smartthings.

SmartThings integration with Envisalink is not as good as Vera’s because SmartThings is not smart enough to talk to Envisalink directly. There’re two types of integrations (both home-brew) - one using Arduino + ThingSheild (Zigbee) and another using AlarmServer running on a linux host (typically RaspberryPi). Both are cumbersome to set up and not as reliable as Vera. Search the forums and you’ll find more info than you can digest in one day. :smile:

Yeah I have done a bunch of reading and nothing seem’s as reliable. On vera I don’t even need a server running I just do it so I can be able to have multiple users for dsc. I just wanted to give smarthings a shot because is compatible with my other Samsung devices. Tv,WiFi speaker, and home theater. I’ll probably wait to see what vera plus has to offer. Make my decision then. Plus I’m a big samsung fan that was the second reason. I guess I’m stuck with a crappy ui.thanks for the reply.