Moving from Vera... Want to bring DCS alarm system

So I have a wireless DCS alarm system which connects with my current Vera setup using an Envisalink with ethernet connection to an access point.

I want to switch to Smart Things but I’m hesitant to if I can’t get the alarm system to integrate. It would be awesome to be able to use the sensors for other stuff, but I’m sure that’s too much wishful thinking lol.

So is is possible?

There is a VERY large thread on integrating DSC via Envisalink (LXXero) which many of us have done.
There is also a Raspberry Pi solution and a 3rd party solution that essentially removes the software interface we use to integrate into ST and turns the DSC into SmartThings devices directly.
Just search and yee shall find.

Yep, very possible and I am a user as well with 28 DSC sensors. I have professional monitoring with the DSC system and all of its functions are implemented into SmartThings and in perfect sync with Smart Home Monitor.