V2 hub - DSC alarm integration

Long time Vera user and tired of the problems and crappy UI.

Ordered a v2 hub, thinking all my stuff would be supported. But, after reading in detail the state of integration with Envisalink module, thinking I have to cancel my order…

You have to run a Linux machine between the Envisalink and Hub (this is unacceptable to me)? Since v2 has local processing, shouldn’t this be unnecessary? I use alarm status to trigger lots of events. Am I missing something?


Yeah, unfortunately, when it comes to “smart” home systems, any assumptions you make will most likely be wrong. :smile:

I use the python server personally with envisalink, there is however another way which doesn’t require the alarm server which uses an arduino + thingshield + IT-100 serial interface.

Hi @Raw77,

There is an alternative with some pros and cons (for example: difficult to implement):smile:



Was expecting with v2 arriving to be like Vera with a direct connect through the envisalink TPI link. Is this going to be technically possible on v2? Putting yet another piece between alarm and automation controller is just another thing to break.


We (the developers) have asked ST to enable basic TCP and UDP socket communication since the dawn of time. At some point about 8 month ago it was even on the roadmap for V1. Then ST backed off and said we’d have to wait until V2. Now, V2 is out but that feature is still not enabled. Make your own conclusions.

I also asked ST to enable USB serial port support in V2, which would allow integration with DSC via IT-100 serial interface module. I don’t hold my hopes high though.

Your best bet at this point is to hold on to Vera, if only for DSC integration and integrate Vera with ST using HTTP.

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