DSC Alarm Integration

Good Evening All,

I’ve been reading for a while about DSC alarm integration but am confused with the capabilities now. I have the v1.0 hub and an existing DSC alarm system through Smith Thompson. The board is a PC1616. That is all the hardware I have. How does integration work and what other pieces of hardware will I need to purchase? I’d love to monitor all zones (in ADDITION to the professional monitoring that I already have) and be able to arm and disarm via my ST app.


Follow this guide and you’ll be fine. You can run your alarm server on a raspberry pi or any other computer that is always on. I run mine on a windows 7 machine. With some additional changes which are simple, you can also arm and disarm via the ST app as well.

good luck

I went with the Envisalink 4 interface. Much simpler and also provides other means of management with your smart phone. $100 and plug n play (look for it on sale).

Installed the EVL-4 yesterday in about 30 min and linked to the eyezon servers without issue. Going to add the alarm integration with ST today.


I didn’t realize the EVL4 was that much better than the EVL3. My understanding was that the only real change was the CPU and ethernet port went from 10 to 100 mbps. Other than that they both have the same webapp for self monitoring.

So how did your integration with ST go? Can you control the DSC from ST now? Any issues?
Thanks :slight_smile: