DSC Alarm Integration (Simple)

I thought I would share this here since the project has grown beyond beta testing and actually works better than any method I’ve found yet.

This requires a linux server (rpi) and evl-3 or evl-4 on your dsc alarm panel. Everything else is handled via the python application alarmserver.

Install Smartapp
Install Devicetypes
Setup oauth on Smartapp
Configure Smartapp on your phone with ip address of your linux server
Configure alarmserver.cfg with your oauth code, smartapp id, and zone configuration.
Start alarmserver.py

The detailed thread can be found below, but I wanted to get this out there for people using any old versions of this, or any other method that might seem too tough for them.

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Thank you isriam.

This project is next on my list. I use a DSC PowerSeries 1832 and ADT pulse for monitoring (remote arming, disarming). Given that, I was hoping you could answer a couple questions to help me out.

  1. Will there be any problems adding on the EVL-3 or EVL-4 given that ADT Pulse is already integrated into the panel?

  2. Quickly looking at EVL-3 and EVL-4 I couldn’t notice a difference other than assuming that EVL-4 is a newer version?

All m windows and door are hard wired for open/close with the DSC system, so my main goal is to be able to monitor the open close state of those ~ 30 Zones.

Thanks for the help.

evl-3 and 4 should be the same except 4 supports 100mb.

the evl adds itself as a wired keypad, so i see no issue unless you’re full of keypads. there is a limit for the rs protocol but i’m not sure what it is.

there are users with 30 zones and they have no problem. i have 12, so not a lot, but i love the fact i can bypass, arm/disarm, set up routines, change chime, pretty much everything you can do with any dsc remote app.

its also very simple now, since alarmserver builds your devices. you just install the device types, and set your config file for what zone is what type.

thanks. I just have two keypads, so I would imagine there is room for a third.

Any suggestions on the best raspberry pi to get for this?

ive used them all with no issues. 1 2 and 3. currently i run a linux server on my nas that does this since my nas is on 24/7.

I have used your method and works very well.
Can I use it outside of my LAN? IE with dyndns or even better Google GCM (like the Android DSCServer apps)?

The commands are sent from ST cloud to the ST device encrypted and then across your lan to the alarmserver and EVL. There is no need for dns or anything in that regard.

Thanks. I am having a hard time making the server receive command from the app (does from the envl).
I see there’s tons of version around.
Here my setup.
I was wondering if you can suggest me what flavor is the best/most up to date:

DSC 1832 with envl 4
1 partition with 9 zones (with a panic button keyfob)
Windows 10 with Python 2.7x

I am having a hard time understanding all the differences between yours, lexx and others. Why so many versions.

Thanks for your time into this. I am looking forward into this apps in prod and accessible in the public smartapps libtary :slight_smile:

I’m using a version maintained by @xero because it is the simplest with the most features. Did you do oauth process?. Do you have any logs to share?

Yes I have done the oauth (this is where you get the app ID with the longest url right?)

I am away from home. I will send the logs.
Do you prefer to continue on this thread or the main DSC -> EVL-3(4) -> Alarmserver -> Smartthings ?

Do it in the main thread so Jordan can have input.

I updated the original thread with some nice screen shots for anyone curious.

Is there a list of supported panels from DSC? I am purchasing a new system and want to make sure to get something time and tested.

In the next 2-3 weeks I intend to figure this whole setup up and I may have some questions so I thank you in advance for the patients :slight_smile:

I did my own implementation using raspberry pi and it-100 using serial port. I didn’t have Ethernet cable close to my alarm so I did it using serial cable. Here is the project link let me know if you have question.

I wrote an app in C# .Net tô test my it-100 for troubleshooting purpose.

Good luck

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Fairly new to Smartthings, I am looking for a bit of help and willing to pay someone if they can help me get this set up.

Looking to integrate Smartthings with an Envisalink 2 connected to a DSC panel, ideally similar to what is shown in this thread. I have attempted to follow the instructions for setting up Alarm Server, however I have struck out.

Note, the server would be running on an old Windows computer. Again, happy to pay for someone’s time to walk me through the process. Please message me if you’re interested.

can this application works for any DSC alarm panel ? or only powerseries ? SCW9057?

Hi Isriam,

I’m new to this and I have ordered a Raspberry Pi 3 to start this project of integrating my DSC with my Smartthings. I haven’t receive the Raspberry Pi yet, but I want to begin with the preparation for all this. Where can I find all the smartapp and other software needed to setup the alarmserver?



Hi Isriam, I have all required hardware for dsc to smartthings integration, I would appreciate if you can give me some directions and instructions to complete the project.
I read the original post from Xero, I have tried whatever was on instruction but had no luck.
Kindly please get back to me whenever you got a chance.

Thank you in advance

Hi isriam,

I finally got my alarmserver working on my Raspberry Pi. I have to do some fine tunning, but the system is working and I’m glad. Thanks to all in this community that made this possible.

I can even ask Alexa to arm the system.
About this I have a question. Can the name be change without messing up the connection between DSC, Envisalink and the alarmserver?

Right now I have to say : “Turn DSC Stay Panel ON” (Luckily Alexa doesn’t respond on Panel OFF :blush: and I don’t want this option neither. It would be more easy if I can change this in like " Turn security stay ON".

“Turn Alarm ON” is no option because Alexa thinks that I want to set an Alarm and ask for what time… :grin:

Thanks for any suggestion,

Best regards



I’m switching over to Smartthings from an older automation software and am looking to incorporate my DSC panel with ST. The older software communicated with the DSC panel using an IT-100 so your solution is perfect! I only need to buy a RPI3 and I should be good to go.