DSC Alarm and smart things

I hace a DSC Alarm. It is connected to doors and has siren. No dial out To vendor for monitoring.

Any thoughts or resources to integrate my FSC alarm with smart things.

There is a massive section on DSC integration. Many of us have done it but it is convoluted as there are a few different versions and implementations; not everything (SHM) works flawlessly. You need a PC or Raspberry.and some reasonable software detective skills :frowning:
My wish from day 1 was that ST integrated this given the amount of DSC installations in NA but no luck.

Thanks. I have a raspberry pi and some programming skillls. I will go through the dsc section and see if I can ffind some info that will work for me

It took me a couple of weeks to get mines working but that is when I had absolutely no knowledge on how ST works. Now looking back, it is dead simple.

You just need an EnvisaLink 4, a computer that’s always on (Pi 3 works great!) and follow the instructions here: