Dropcam Photoburst Question: Where are the Photos?

(smarsh) #1

Have the new Dropcam Pro and a new hub. Easy to set up both.

I have enabled notifications in iPhone settings but still don’t seem to get iOS alerts for Photoburst or SMS. Anyone have any ideas about this?

And I can’t for the life of me find where the Photos from the “bursts” are. I see maybe one photo after using the gear on the tile of the Dropcam, but shouldn’t there be 5?

Overall I’m a big fan of SmartThings. Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

(Eric) #2

You should be able to swipe through the photos in your tile, based on my experience with a couple of other IP camera device types!

(Greg) #3

Eric is right. However sometimes I also get less than 5 I’ve determined the problem is that the dropcam lost it’s connection for a moment. Also apparently you are only allowed to review the 10 most recent.

I would like an option to have all dropcam photos sent to dropbox or email or anything. I would hate to lose the one important photo because more were taken and it got kicked out of availability in the tile because 15 more were taken.

(Beckwith) #4

You can see more than the last ten. It actually displays the 10 photos selected in the activity feed. By default, this is only the last ten. To see others, tap the Activity button and scroll down to the ones you want to see and they are returned to the carousel.

I found this out by accident.

(JF) #5

I don’t see how I can highlight anything in activity. Any chance you could show some screen captures? I am on iOS


(Beckwith) #6


Looks like it is broken probably when they fixed displaying the activity log for previous days.

I’ll submit it to support.