Dropcam photo bursts location and off/on

I set up a Dropcam to take photo bursts when motion is detected. Instructions on how to set that up were fair. I am now getting the notifications that photo bursts were taken, but can not figure out how to turn the function off and on easily. I also can not find the photos and can not find information in Support that says where they are stored or find options for setting the storage location for the photos.

I ended up deleting the photo burst function.

If I can’t get information on how to make these advertised functions work, then the product will have significantly less perceived value for my needs.

Chat seems to be down each time I try to chat .

to turn the function off you probably have to delete it like you did. I would suggest setting it up for certain modes. if you are trying to get it to only do it at night or when away.

you can see the photos by going to things view, gear on the dropcam. if you need to look at an old photo click on the one you want from the activity log in dropcam things view then that photo will be loaded to the place where you see them normally

I just added my Dropcam to SmartThings and set up the photo burst function. I also took a quick pic to see what the snapshot function was like. Where are these photos stored? I cannot seem to find the folder for them in my phone and I’d like to delete the sample photo. How do I delete these photos? Will the photos just keep building up without a way to get rid of the older or unneeded ones?