Dropcam integration love + feature request

I’m using the SmartLabs Dropcam integration.

The photo burst feature does exactly what I want - I have it set up to take a burst when Away and my door sensors open. Perfect! This is something the camera can’t really do on its own, it needs the SmartThings ecosystem to add value to the product. In fact, if I didn’t have SmartThings I probably wouldn’t have purchased the camera.

(Turning the lights on for photo burst is genius, I might add. Small but awesome feature.)

One small thing I would like to see in the photo burst function: the ability to space out the photos a bit longer. Right now, I’m taking five photos, and they more or less seem to fire off sequentially about as fast as they can - turn on light, take photo, upload somewhere, repeat.

It would be useful to space those out so that I took my five photos maybe ten seconds apart. With the current system, odds aren’t bad that all five photos get taken before the person has even walked through the door.

The only other comment I have is that that when reviewing photos inside the iPhone app, the back arrow in the upper left part of the screen is hard to see. On my (jailbroken and themed) phone it was so hard to see that I was convinced the app was frozen. On a stock ios 8 phone it is clearly more visible, but it is actually still possible to overlook.

Awesome feature, thanks SmartThings for making this available in Labs!

  • Mark
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I just bought a dropcam and set up was easy as well. Problem is how do I download the the photo burst app or how do I set that up? Can’t find it or a how to on the web. Thanks.


You need to install both the DropCam and the PhotoBurst app from SmartThings Labs.

If you are using the iPhone app, go to the bottom of the dashboard and click + t o add a new device.

This brings you to the SmartSetup screen. It will start with the menu of Things.

Slide the widget at the top through Alerts, then Actions, then More.

One the More page, you can select SmartThingsLabs. Scroll down to the photoburst app and walk through the wizard.

  • Mark