Text me when internet is down

I’ve got a water sensor on my Sump pump that has my ST send me an SMS, email and calls my cell phone when it detects moisture (using IFTTT).

I’ve got a small battery backup on my ST and router so if their is a power outage it informs me also. This will obviously still work if the Sump pump ‘sees’ water (until the battery goes)

However - what if my internet goes down like it just has at my house !

Is there a way for the ST or IFTTT to inform me if the Internet goes down but I’ve still got power ?

The main reason I got the ST was for the power outage and Sump pump due to having a basement flood and not wanting another :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance.

ST is going to notify you if the hub goes off line. In fact it will advise you to check your internet connection.

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I don’t get a notification via text or anything but it does show when I open the app on my phone.

I was hoping to get an SMS or something

I have always gotten a notification on my IPhone when the hub lost connectivity. I don’t know what kind of phone you are using so if it’s Android perhaps things work differently. If it’s an IPhone you might check settings to be sure you are allowing notifications from SmartThings.

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I get push notifications on Android when my hub goes offline.

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I figured there was supposed to be one. I know there have been times when app updates broke certain things on either IOS or Android. But in general I have alway assumed the two versions of the app worked pretty much the same.

Android here too and always get a notification when the hub goes offline

If you have contact book installed, offline push notification won’t work.

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hmmm. I’ll check the notifications settings on the phone (it’s an iphone).

if it is doing it on other phones it must be my setup as I do get notifications on other things.

I’ll have a look see - thanks

I don’t have contact book installed.

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I had the same problem when I first installed my smartthings Hub. It was a cloud side issue, after I contacted support I immediately started getting notifications when my hub was offline for more than 5min.

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really? ok, stupid question - where is this documented? I can find nothing precise and current.

I believe that I do have an e-mail contact and notifications installed in the “my contacts” of phone-app. But I do not usually run the phone-app. So I would not get an SMS ? I wonder if the app notification would also fail.

I also have not gotten any hub-offline emails in more than a year, if ever - doesn’t sound right.

Well I don’t know if it is publicly documented. But ST support documented it in an email to me.

If in your ST app you have the “my contacts” installed then you won’t get hub offline notifications SMS or push. Contact book is not currently supported. The options they gave me were to have them uninstall Contact Book or to live with it. I chose to live with it.

thanks for the info. Guess I have to test.


I had my internet go down the other day but not my power. I did get a notification my hub was offline, but I need to know when it’s only my internet down yet still have power. Is there a way to differentiate between the two? Maybe use IFTTT?

Thanks for any help