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Is there any way to disable hub offline/online notifications, or at least individually select the sound for these? I use SHM notifications like a security system, and allow only ST notifications to ring through at night with the intent to be woken up by security intrusions, but I end up being woken up by hub offline notifications instead, so I disabled the ring-through, which effectively turns off my security notifications as well.

If not, can this ability be added to a future app release?

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I’d be more concerned about why your hub is offline than anything else. Besides, if you hub is offline SHM is pretty much worthless.

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I agree. It’s like constantly resetting the breaker in the breaker box but not trying to figure out why the breaker keeps tripping then come home to a burned down house.

Your Hub is telling you that something is wrong.

My hub is fine, my internet goes down for a few minutes from time to time in the middle of the night. I don’t need to be notified/woken up when that happens.

The ability to select which push notifications to receive, and/or the ability to select different notification tones for different types would be helpful.

Don’t use SHM. It’s honestly not that great anyway. Make your own with Core and set your own notification settings.

Push notification are the same whether they come from SHM or CoRE.

Well if you sent up contacts you can chose push or text or both. At the end of the day, this is not a ST problem as it’s an internet issue.

I’m not pointing fingers, I’m asking if this is already possible, and if not, if it can be added.

I don’t think what you are ask here is too practical. Most folks would rather know their hub is offline so they know their stuff isn’t working. If you are only using your phone at night to wake you up if someone comes in your house, you are probably not to concerned about it anyway. Get a siren, turn your notifications off and your problem is solved.

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Thanks for the feedback. :wink:

Do you have an iphone? Do the hub notification just show up as a push and not text? If so here is your solution. Set up contacts in ST. Then use Notify me on everything you want to know when you are sleeping, but set it up as a text. once you receive your first text, save that number in your phone as Smartthings. Now go in and edit the contact as described in the article below. As long as your hub offline is only a push and not a text, you can not turn DND on your iphone and still receive a text notification for the stuff that really matters.

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Android, but the same concept works. Got it set up so my intrusion piston send a text instead of a push notification, thanks.

My wife just got home from an appointment, her location didn’t update until after she had opened the garage, so the intrusion detection piston I created triggered. There was a full 5 minute delay between when I got the push notification and when the text message came through. This is not a good workaround. I’ll probably just go back to letting push notifications come through at night and deal with getting woken up by hub offline notifications.

Hmm, on my ios devices, I get both the push and the text at the same time. Some I have set up for both, part for a fail safe in my mind and another part because I was trying out different things.

Have to agree with @destructure00. I’ve added a hub and temperature sensors to a boat for winter monitoring. I’ve also got the entire family linked into ST for presence. The Internet is simply unreliable and not going to change, not an option. The hub goes off-line 30 or 40 times a day and everyone in the family gets notifications. In the end all I care about is that I have a good temperature reading every few hours, which I do, so not only is this not a problem that impacts my end goal it’s not fixable.

Simply having the ability to turn off push notifications for various notification types (many applications have this) would save me a bit of headache. I’ve moved all notifications I care about to CoRE and SMS / phone call.

That being said if you’re running Android you can long-press on the notification when it comes up and there is a selection to turn off all notifications from the application. This won’t impact CoRE messages, etc…

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I started using SmartThings a couple of months ago. I have to agree with @destructure00. I also want to be able to turn off hub offline notifications. My ISP loves to cycle my internet from time to time. Last night it woke me up at 3:00 a.m. I have SmartThings set up to alert even though Priority Only is set so I can get intrusion alerts. I am not terribly concerned about internet connectivity. Yes, I know SmartThings does not work without internet, but I can live with a 95 percent solution. Generally I know if the internet is down during the day. SO IS there any way to turn off those hub offline notifications without disturbing the intrusion alerts? Thanks for any suggestions.

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I’ve been getting Hub Offline notifications in the middle of the night recently even when my Hub is not offline. Probably happened 3-4 times over the past month. Really frustrating to be woken up thinking my daughter is out of her room when it’s actually a false offline notification instead.