Downgrade Revert Migrate back to Classic App?

Is there any way to reset back to ST Classic app?

The new ST app does not allow “automations” to control “home monitor”.

In the classic app you were able to use Routines to control Home Monitor.

So in the old app I had “I’m back” routine set to Disarm Home Monitor when arriving home (using presense). Also used “Good Night” to turn off all lights and Arm Home Monitor. Super cool right…???

…but in the new smarth things you can not tie Home Monitor to ANY automation.

How do we revert back to Classic and delete the migration???


Have you tried resetting your hub and creating a new account/location and activate with classic?

You dont. Its one way. Classic goes away mid October.

Heres your workaround fornyour specific ask.

Yes. It was specifically designed for ActionTiles but you can ise this for many many cases… Including having virtual switches to arm STHM from a scene.

That’s not a good idea David. No matter how you slice it Classic is gone mid October. If he did that and spent the time setting it up hed be in the same situation in appropriately 46 days.

Use the V-switch workaround fornthe specific issue mentioned instead.

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Support ends in October, I doubt it will stop working right away. Plus that’s assuming Samsung does something when they said they would…

Thanks Team! That was fast… I have decided to add a few more “modes” that will automate and turn on the “armed away” when “goodnight” is ran…


Trust me. Theybhave a vested interest in closing up the IDE parts that drive Classic as soon as the app is no longer officially supported. (its monetary they can start shutting down infrastructure) you’ll see it happen VERY fast.

If I were the architect (and Im not) id be disabling classic one week after support ends

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It doesn’t allow third party applications, or even other stock applications, to directly control SmartThings Home Monitor, but the Automations most certainly can. That is what Security Mode is in the conditions and the actions.

It seemed like a neat idea at the time. Lately I’ve changed my mind.

Really, you can. If you really want to, you can also access it from other places like Smart Lighting or webCoRE or something like that. You can’t do it directly, but you can just use a daisy chain to and from Automations using virtual switches or something.

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you can’t go back! even if a user wipes out everything and starts over, it would not allow the user to have SHM or routines with a new setup.


Automations can definitely control the new app’s equivalent of SHM (smart home monitor), which is STHM (SmartThings Home monitor).

The confusion is probably because “routines“ from the classic routine were mostly converted to “scenes“, and for whatever reason those cannot control STHM. :thinking:

It takes a combination of scenes and automations in the new app to match what you could do in the old routines. Again, I have no idea why they did it that way, but they did.

See the community FAQ for details:

FAQ: How to Run Scenes and Automations (2018 V3 App)

So you may find you can re-create most of what you had, but it is done a little differently. and I don’t know why they didn’t give us a guide for what the changes were and how to move forward, but again, they didn’t.

JD, good point. Those two Routines were converted to Scenes! I looked all over and there is no documentation on that symantic difference. Any Routine with Smart Home Monitor control will not migrate fully and won’t control STHM…

I used the daisy-chain strategy as Orangebucket described to get the desired effect from Automations…

Sure am glad ya’ll are here!! Thank you