Is it possible to go back to the old SmartThings App?

I wish I had never downloaded the “new” app. I got migrated without my consent. Several longstanding automations do not work. I can not revise them without getting the Network Error. Newly created automations do not work. This is insane and a real good reason never to buy anything Samsung ever again.

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Unfortunately, once the migration runs… it can’t be reversed. Not sure how it migrated without your consent as I thought it required you to click on the banner. Are you certain you were migrated? Is there a banner in the Classic app informing you that this location has migrated to the new SmartThings app?

As for the longstanding automations… do you mean Routines? If so, once migration runs, routines can no longer be edited or created in the Classic app.

If you have issues with automations in the new app, you can ask questions on the forum as there are many users who enjoy assisting others. Or at least we will try :slight_smile:

Hang in there.

Also, feel free tO contact ST support for help or post comments on the migration.

If you were migrated, you cannot reverse the migration (SHM and Routines are permanently gone). You need the new app to modify Automations or STHM. However, you can go back to the Classic app and use it for device control… at least until next month when they turn it off.

I had both the old and new apps and had worked on routines and notifications in both when they were available. I migrated when the old app was being turned off. Now I get dual push notifications and get notifications from automations that I have turned off completely in the new app. I believe these are being generated in the old app but the old app won’t open to let me disable them. Please help.

go to menu > settings > notifications and disable. see if that turns off the notifications you are getting. if it is, you can go back and individually select which you want to receive. if it does not resolve your issue, contact ST support.

also, check any smartapps you have installed that could be sending notifications or STHM if using it.