Downgrade firmware osram lightify bulbs?


As a lot of people have spotted already, the latest hub firmware update has improved Hue update frequencies. A positive for hue bulbs integrated into the hue bridge. However it has also highlighted an issue with non hue bulbs like osram ones. I’ve found some consistently flag as “unreachable” why others are 100% fine. It appears to have nothing to do with signal but firmware related. I’ve updated the firmware at various times for my bulbs and it seems a particular firmware version is compatible but the latest one isn’t.
Anyone have any ideas on downgrading firmware on osram? I haven’t found anything personally.

Just wanted to say how fantastic the support and devs are at osram. They volunteered to downgrade my bulbs by logging into my lightify gateway and spent a considerable amount of time doing so.
I had a battle getting the bulbs reconnected back onto hue but that was outside of osram’s control. Unreachable states now much reduced until Philips find another way to stop it working again I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: