Getting Osram Lightify CLB40 bulbs working with ST hub

I’ve just picked up a couple of Osram Lightify CLB 40 Tuneable White (E14) bulbs (without a hub). All my Googling suggested they’re compatible with the ST hub, but they’re only being detected as ‘Thing’ when I go to connect a new device. I guess there’s a missing device definition?

Screen grab attached:

I did come across this thread: Osram lightify surface (DTH in post 11) - but haven’t quite figured out whether it would help.

Any assistance appreciated!


i have the same bulb and they are detected as “thing”. I went to IDE and manually changed the device type to “orasm lightify” and it worked :slight_smile:

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We are working on the Osram integration in the UK. I believe the A-shape bulbs will work out of the box, but there might be a slightly different firmware on the CLBs.

Perfect - that did the trick nicely :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hi Aaron, seems to work well so far using ‘OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Tunable White 60W’ - tuneable white works well too. Not sure what firmware they’re running as don’t have the Lightify gateway so can’t check or upgrade, but maybe it’s in the screengrab I posted earlier?

My observation is that once you start adding more than a dozen or so of the osram bulbs directly into ST stability of zigbee sensors go to pot. I have had months of pain trying to figure out the root cause until I moved them all into hue.
I wouldn’t recommend adding any until ST fully certify them officially.