Double wall socket for UK?

I am the same. Energenie are cheap and a good substitute until a better alternative comes along. They are not the most reliable for sure!

The Aurora’s are very stable, they turn on almost instantly and the only time i’ve had connection issues was when i messed around with customer device handlers … using the default ones seems to work perfectly. I have the connected directly to my ST v3 Hub.

As for the range, i can’t comment as i have many zigbee devices so my mesh network is pretty strong and stable.

I’ve installed three of the double sockets around my kitchen and living room, my only complaint would be that the LED lights that indicate whether the socket is on or off is very bright and there is no way of turning them off or reducing the brightness. I wouldn’t want these in my bedroom as a result. There used to be a Aurora representative who frequented this forum and said there would be a new device handler that would allow dimming or turning off the indicator light but this never materialised.


I purchased one of the BG units from Screwfix today and they can be linked to ST through IFTTT

@AndyPrice-Aurora mine have dropped off the network, how do you reset them to re-join again. if you press and hold both buttons it seems to do something. Still wont join though.

I have 4 of these in my house and I too have them drop off the network. When they drop - all of them drop which is frustrating and have not found a consistent way of joining them back each time. I tend to install them in places that I can’t get to the plug easily too as that’s the point of them (In my opinion!)

I think @AndyPrice-Aurora has dropped off the Network! I’ve got 4 of these installed in my garden office. Added them all no problem, but like others I have each switch show as 2 different devices. The power levels also don’t show, which is a pain. Instinct is to remove and re-add them. Anyone else had any luck changing device types?

Thats weird as the power levels definitely show on mine:

What are you using it to control if I may ask? 2watts isn’t much. One of my switches indicates 2 watts. But it’s powering a pool heater that is likely using 1.6-1.8kw…I’m wondering whether the units are wrong and it’s showing kw as w. And that might explain why the other switch which is powering a pump at around 400watts is showing as 0 (ie rounded).

Removed and re-added twice and it now is showing power. Hooray.

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Apols for the slow reply. The socket is powering a Google Home Hub … only uses a tiny amount of power.