Double Tap not working after Hub Update

I have 2 Double Tap smartapps that have worked great for months, and both stopped working last week, on the same day my hub updated. I know that Double Tap is no longer officially supported, but according to their support article, the smartapp should continue to work as long as I have it installed. I just can’t reinstall from the marketplace.

Has anyone else had this problem? Better yet, has anyone figured out a solution? I assume I will need to figure out a work-around using webCoRE or a different smartapp, but I would really like to just get Double Tap working again.

This was posted to the first bug reports in the community – created wiki a few days ago. It was a change caused by the most recent firmware update.

In the future, if you check there first, you’ll be able to find reports from other community members more quickly. :sunglasses:

For This particular issue, start with the following post. Note in particular the three different threads that link to that post. ( this is a clickable link)