After Latest Update: GE 12722 Switch Double Tap fails

I have multiple GE switches - 12722 - setup to Double Tap with what I assume was a third party app. HUGE/Important feature to my setup. The app is still installed but since the latest “update” to smart things all double tap functionality is gone. Any help?

Ill post a separate topic but possibly related to new build or software update - my GoControl Smart Bulbs stopped being seen my network altogether. Like they just dont exist anymore. I can’t even remove them without a hard reset.

The double tap issue is discussed briefly in the official announcement thread. They’ve changed the way some of the stock device type handlers work as part of the recent update.

As for the go control bulbs, the first thing I would check is what device type handler they are using. And definitely report that one to support.

Thanks. I had them (EDIT them = bulbs!) set as correct DTH. tried a couple others, no fix. I finally got them completely removed and reset and added back as the generic zwave dimmer switch and now they seem even more responsive than they were before!

ie previously my minimote would not activate when coded for a “press” but only a “hold” - now they work with a press. so I have that going for me now

PLEASE bring back the double tap though. I can’t find and app to make that work again. I use that feature all over the house and it was a great feature!

To anyone who stumbles onto this thread:
Changing DTH to the Generic Version of the Zwave Switch (Z-Wave Switch Generic) in your IDE area should bring back the double tap functionality on the GE switches. Also using the old Double Tap app, that seems to be missing from the app store now, still works.

I didnt realize GE uses the stock DTH and Linear (others too?) use the generic. Of course Double Tap in general on NON-GE devices was always lackluster. But technically they work if you make the changes on your hub


According to @duncan , the physical/digital field, which is what most of the double tap smart apps rely on, has been deprecated because it just isn’t consistent. It only works for some models of switches, and even then, if the message was relayed through a repeater the field isn’t updated accurately. So they made a decision to no longer use that field in the company – created DTHs. If you read the thread I linked to above, you can add it back to your own handler, but then of course the device cannot run locally.

People who want double tap functionality and and are just starting out selecting switches can get it by selecting one of the models that provides double tap in the switch itself. This includes both the homeseer switches and the newest GE zwave plus models. I know that doesn’t help if you already have the older model GE switches installed, since they don’t do double tap in the switch, you have to figure it out with code, but it probably explains why SmartThings felt it was OK to drop the field now.

Make sure you express your concerns to support. SmartThings support staff don’t officially monitor these forums, so you need to make change suggestions through the official channel:


Thanks for the extra insight. I DID send a message to ST about my fervent need to have double tap brought back to the non-generic zwave switch dth. I did switch to the generics as I mentioned in other post but im noticing a lot of random lights coming on, double-tapping not quite working as well anymore, and some extra error codes in the logs but I’m not advanced enough to really know what they all mean.

Anyway, thanks

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@rdrean, thank you for the workaround. Generic Zwave Switch brought back Double Tap functionality. I needed this to turn on/off my kitchen lights with one tap and under cabinet lights with double tap.