Double Tap not working... firmware change?

My double tap apps seem to have stopped working. When running them in the simulator it seems as if things aren’t responding the way they used too. Was there a recent Hub firmware update that might have changed things?

I just installed this in my new place tonight and it is working. Have you tried in in real usage(outside of the simulator)?

Yup… I have it installed in 5 different areas and none were working last night. Maybe I’ll uninstall and re-install… can’t hurt.

I was never able to get double-tap to work on my switches either… I double-tab, but nothing happens - I see nothing in the logs or anything.


How you double tap is important. You can’t tap-tap really quickly. If you do that the switch sorta ignores it. You have to tap-pause-tap. Give it almost a second pause between taps.


So I installed the ‘Double Tap’ demo app and that seems to be working fine now. But my modified version isn’t working and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. I even re-created the whole app and it still isn’t working right. Even if I just make a minor modification (like adding “onSwitches().off(delay: 4000)” to the ‘on’ part of the ‘if, then’ statement) seems to break the program. I can’t figure out why…

Is it possible that the published SmartApp (which is in the category: Convenience) is different from the shared SmartApp (which is in the category: Demo)?

Does the double-tap app work better with different models of switches? What model of switches is everyone using?

I’m using a Jasco 45609 and this app doesn’t work at all. The second press doesn’t seem to register when listing events for the device in the IDE.

I’m using an aeon micro in-wall dimmer g2 - I’ve never been able to get it to work.