Double press SmartThings button also triggers single press automation

I’m using a SmartThings button to control a lamp and a fan. When setting up the automation in the ST iOS app I set the lamp to single press on/off and the fan to double press on/off. Oddly, when I double press both the lamp and the fan turns on. This is odd - any ideas on how to ensure the double press is only recognized for the fan?

Hi @Mattyrow

Did you check in the details view of the app that when you press 1 click it shows pressed and when you press 2 quick clicks it shows pressed twice?

The button may not be sending the correct actions or may be misinterpreted in the controller

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Thank you for the reply. It was sending a duplicate action - so two double presses for every double press. I removed the button and reinstalled and all seems to be working. Thank you!