Smarthings button "double press"?

I bought a ST button recently, but can’t find a way to use the double press option.

In WebCoRE I can use Pushed and Held, but I don’t see double pressed as an option.

The Smartsense Button DH is being used, as it came up by default.

Should I be using a different DH or a particular smartapp?


When these buttons first came out, the double press didn’t work with some smart apps, including web core. But based on reports below it looks like they have fixed this, which is very good. :sunglasses:

My apologies if my previous post caused any confusion. I’m glad to hear it works now.

Thanks for the very prompt reply!
I think I can get by with just the two options for now.

I see the option for press twice in routines in the classic app. All three options show up for mine.

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In the classic app, you can assign actions to double-press using the SmartLighting app but as JD says, not webcore.

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Thanks! When you get a chance, could you look and see if the same options also show up in the smart lights feature in classic app? I’m wondering if they fixed it.

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Smart lighting exposes all 3 options.


Sorry, I misread his post. Sometimes my eyeballs decieve me…:slight_smile:

Wouldn’t you be able to do a double-press in Webcore? With almost any button? Set up your button routines such that if the button is pressed once, Wait… if button not pressed again within X milliseconds, do X. If button pressed again within that time, do Y

First press could set a variable, say @button, to B. The piston then counts 200 milliseconds, and resets the variable to Q.

Meanwhile, the piston also includes the following: If button pressed while @button = B, do ACTION B

If @button changes to Q, do ACTION Q

Most devices that have a built-in double press are not sending two separate presses to the hub. Instead, they do the timing in the device itself and then send a single code to the hub based on whether the button was pressed once or twice. For example, the homeseer switches and The Fibaro button use Central scene commands to indicate which press pattern was detected.

Trying to process millisecond separations on a mesh network is hardly ever reliable.

@Glen_King Yes, you could set it up that way in webcore. BUT, the network latency would be completely variable and would not give consistent results.


Thanks, that seems to work!


Has anyone figured out how to use the double press on this button? I see in the thread it says resolved but I don’t see that anywhere I’m using the classic app and smartthings hub v2 and I have press and I have hold how do I use press twice? the button itself shows all three: pressed, pressed twice and held.
but when i ad a smart app to do something the press twice or even second button dont show up to program. Im using the smarthings button controller app.

Easiest way is to use the new app :man_shrugging:t2:

In the classic app, you can expose the double press via the “Smart Lighting” or “Advanced Button Controller” smart apps.


I see it now, I was just using button

controller. I wish you could just search for these apps instead of scrolling through these menus to find stuff.

I did install the new app so it showed up there as well. I install a smart app then forget where I found it.


It also shows up in WebCoRE.

im trying to run this idea, but im getting stuck.

*My button is supposed to trigger a switch on a single press, and then on a double press it is supposed to reset the button.

  • The button was not manufactured with a double press function.
    I tried to logistically copy your method above to simulate a second button press, but it didnt work. can you see what i may be doing wrong?

Your while statement should be an if statement just checking the variable. The piston will run for each press, so in the second iteration of the piston’s execution, it just needs to see if the variable is 1.

That being said, WebCore runs in the cloud and timing can be very iffy. Catching double clicks like this will be unreliable at best.