Doorbot Compatibility Or Other Gate Entry Solution

(Matthew Bial) #1

Hi all,

I’ve recently begun building some of my own device types for SmartThings. When I look at the available ST device icons at I see that st.custom.doorbot.doorbot is a doorbot icon for use in new device types. This leads me to think that someone has/is working on doorbot compatibility. For those of us with a gate, the ability to use a doorbot (and then remotely open the gate via relay/door strike) would be a massive help.

Does anyone else have a solution for gate entry involving a door strike? I can’t use a keypad lock as none of them are weatherproof. Thanks so much for your feedback!


(Brian) #2

no doorbot api yet according to their website :frowning:

(Matthew Bial) #3

I’ll start working on them - this device would be huuuge for those of us with gates (and pretty nice for everyone else too!) Thanks @docwisdom

(Beckwith) #4

Another one that has potential is SkyBell. I understand SmartThings (Urman) has one in house but like Doorbot there is no official API yet.

Both products got off to shaky starts. I have SkyBell which is OK but I’m frustrated that it is a device island in the home automation sea so to speak.

(Tanya Day) #5

Hello Beckwith, I would like to thank you for your honest review and mention of our product. Here at Skybell, we are always interested in hearing what our customer’s needs are for the future automation of their smart homes. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me at and thank you again for being a Skybell customer.