DoorBird doorbell

Saw this and it looked interesting:

Seems expensive and scant information.

It looks exactly what I’ve been looking for, except of course I need it to integrate with ST. I haven’t bought the ST hub yet as I’m now waiting until v2 is released in (hopefully) April. I’m totally new to ST and home automation, so could someone explain what is needed in order to integrate a new product like this Doorbird into ST? I assume there needs to be basic compatibility on both the device end and the ST end, but what are the details of integration? Much appreciated!

EDIT: I see that the Doorbird will have Apple Homekit support. Does that help us with ST integration? Is Apple Homekit compatible with ST?


Check out the Ring Video Doorbell. I already have one, it’s working, and it’s quite a bit less money. They have also committed to integrating with SmartThings in the coming months. See here.

Thanks Matthew. I liked the look of the Ring before I saw the Doorbird. Apparently you can see live video anytime with the Doorbird and it’ll record snapshots of the last 20 visitors which I like. The biggest issue though with a smart doorbel is the latency time between someone pressing the button and the notification - I think I read on here that sometimes it can take 20-30 secs for the notification to come to your phone, by which time the UPS guy is looooooong gone. Anyhow, like all this stuff for me, it’s too much of a time commitment for me to want to buy anything first, so I’m gonna wait until a few more folk have smart doorbells then I can make a decision.


This is marketing guff from Doorbird, so take it with a pinch of salt, but if it’s true then it could be a great product:


Anyone got a Doorbird yet? Does it integrate with ST? Or is there a better video doorbell available now?


Doorbird is a WiFi doorbell from a company that has been making WiFi video intercoms for awhile. They’re just designing one for the single home market. Mains-powered, which is good for WiFi, but more difficult to install.

It won’t integrate with SmartThings directly as yet. You might be able to make it work like people make the Foscam cameras work, I’m not sure.

They have announced that they are “interested” in HomeKit, but haven’t done anything with that yet.

For more video doorbell discussions, see:

Thanks! I’ll check out that other thread.


I installed my Doorbird just last week and love it! I installed it at our front gate. It was extremely easy to setup. However, as for any video door bell you need to have power and so I had to run low voltage power supply from the house to the gate.
I connected it to a door bell and also to an electric door strike. All very easy and straight forward wiring.
The video quality is great and the latency between someone ringing the bell and notification on my phone is anywhere between 1-2 seconds which I think is very reasonable.
I have not thought of SmartThings integration but I guess at night it would be great if I could turn on some light after the bell rings - with a little delay to look “natural”.

@GME can you tell me how you connected the door strike? I’ve tried connecting it the way that seemed logical to me:

  1. Strike Power Adapter Positive (+) directly to strike terminal 1
  2. Strike Power Adapter Negative (-) to one of the purple leads on Doorbird (O1)
  3. Other purple lead on Doorbird (O2) connected to strike terminal 2

When I press the unlock button in the app I get a message on screen that simply says “error”.

As far as SmartThings integration, I connected the doorbell trigger to a MIMOlite and can perform any action when the button is pressed. Right now it just turns on a light inside my house so that I know someone pressed the button if I don’t have my phone nearby. My next step is to do like you said and program it so that there is a delay to the light coming on, especially if I am not home.

I’ve seen a lot of people criticizing Doorbird saying that it’s a useless doorbell with useless features. I recently bought a Doorbird and I must say, it exceeds my expectations. It was really easy to install, looks awesome and is compatible with smart things. I’ve read many Doorbird reviews and most of them talk about its price tag.

It did scare me at first. I thought, why should I pay so much for a single doorbell? But I’m really glad I did!

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How does it integrate with ST? Can you share your setup and experience please.

I have DoorBird audio video door station installed and Smartthings Hub managing at present 10 Smart Power outlets. At this moment I am investigating how to integrate DoorBird D202 with, for when I am at home, door chimes. Has anyone here any idea or info please?

@Casique what method did you use to integrate your Doorbird D202 to ST. I have the same doorbird connected via ethernet and wanting to integrate it into smarthings. Could you share how you achieve this and any issues?

Thanks in advance

I have not integrated DoorBird and Samsung SmartThings, they are two separate projects. At present I am having greater success with Philips Hue and Apple HomeKit.

Hi Everyone. New to ST and looking to bump this thread in hopes one of you brilliant ST’ers are able to help me.

I’ve just recently moved over from Vera in hopes that the ST app is more responsive and ST is more stable as a whole. I am still struggling to figure out how to integrate a few things. One of them is the Doorbird! I emailed ST support, but i got the standard response of check with the community, we can’t help with integrations. So, here i am!

So here’s what i’m trying to achieve in ST:

How i can pass in a url/http post into smartthings (LAN IP) like how it’s done in this pdf: I’m looking to do the virtual button/sensor (recieve the notification in the form of http post to Smartthings), then utilize that “trigger” to do other things. Can you guys point me in the right direction? I’m not able to code smartapps or device handlers, but if i can use one of the community smartapps for virtual motion/buttons but have some help in inserting the url, that would be amazing!

Thanks in advance for any help you can spare!

Bump! Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Would love a little help.

Even I have read lot of reviews of DoorBird and most of them are positive and recommend it. But is it worth of my money considering the fact that Ring and SkyBell are great alternatives? Not sure. I would need to buy and see. Seems like that’s the only way!

I have installed DoorBird model D202 with POe and a Chime. I have an interest integrating DoorBird with my Samsung ST Hub.

Has someone created that link between Doorbird and ST yet? I also would be interested to find out how it could be done via Doorbird’s API.