Doorbird and ST-API now available

To me this looks like a nice doorbell, ST integration would be cool. They’ve now made an API. I unfortunately know very little programming, but if any of you out there have been interested in doorbird, there may now be an opportunity to do something with it.

From Doorbird:
you have contacted us a while ago, if our IP HD-video door station “DoorBird” has an API to integrate it into a third-party solutions such as home automation software, apps, network video recorders, NAS etc…

We are pleased to announce that the DoorBird API is ready now, see


API looks perfect and i love that it happens entirely over the LAN, shame it quite a bit more than what i’d be willing to drop on a door bell, cause if i had one i’d totally write the integration for ST.


Why so much? Looks awesome. Maybe they’ll come down.

Personally I’m not a fan of the looks at all but I’m hoping their API will encourage Ring to release a proper API so it can be integrated into ST…

Do they charge any monthly fees?

If not, that might explain the costs. Seems like every device recently is CLOUD ONLY, forced fees and that is how they make the initial costs low.

The last time I looked at them they did not have a monthly fee.

agree, that low initial cost, ongoing subscription fee has become the model, the annoying model. for everything. I run a small business and the number of services like this that we use is crazy and there are a ton more everyday.

Doorbird is pretty awesome!

I’m simply in love with its modern design. As for the features, they works perfectly. The biggest drawback of Doorbird is the setting up process. It was quite complicated for me to figure out how to make it work.

I’ve read numerous Doorbird review and setting up is specified as the biggest drawback of this product.

Though, if you check the manual and some YouTube videos, you’ll get the hang of it, quickly. Plus, it will have the cloud recording feature soon (just like Ring).

All in all, I’m really satisfied with my purchase and it makes my home more techy & modern.

i have a doorbird D202 and wish to integrate it with Smartthings in UK i am not a developer (but can follow code and make adjustments) and wanted to know how/steps i needed to follow to achieve this. Any ideas or help/code that someone has created that can be shared?

same here ny news?