Skybell integration

(Dave N) #56

+1 on Skybell integration, just waiting for the support and it’s on the VISA.

(Andy Armijo) #57

this literally had me freaking shouting for joy. Thank you so much for the quick response, I just wish I had asked sooner rather than convincing myself I’d find a way. I’m curious if you could tell me what will be doable with this official integration? The thing I’m most interested in knowing, as the rest seems self-explanatory, is if I’ll be able to control the indoor doorbell chime. Will I be able to turn this off and on within the st app according to routines? Or does the “off” function do something else, maybe the light? Very excited. Very happy with the st staff.

(Byron Davis) #58

I hope ring is coming soon too. Don’t see that one in ide yet.

(josh) #59

@Tyler any ideas re Ring integration? :greedysmile:

(Andy Armijo) #60

oops. forgot the intercom aspect as well. obviously that is important

(Chris) #61

Hi Andy!

Stepping in for Tyler, here.

The SkyBell integration WILL allow you to turn the indoor chime on and off.

Due to some limitations of our platform, this feature will be controlled by the “switch” capability. What that means is that if you want a routine to mute the SkyBell’s indoor chime, you’ll want the routine to “turn off the doorbell”. The “Off” command will mute the indoor chime. Turning the doorbell “On” will unmute the indoor chime.

In the device page itself, you’ll be able to take an image that will show up in the upper area. You’ll also be able to activate a video clip recording, but for now that triggers the SkyBell App to take a recording. We have plans to make the integration deeper in the future.

The motion detector on the SkyBell will work with SmartThings as well, but you need to make sure to enable it in the SkyBell App settings.

You’ll also be able to mute the outdoor chime from the device page, but there isn’t a way to automate that feature. You can use the button on the SkyBell with Smart Lights or with the Button Controller SmartApp.

Right now there is an issue that does not allow you to change the color of the SkyBell LED via SmartThings. We’d like to fix this soon, but we feel comfortable releasing the integration without that feature for now.


Doorbell with Camera - does anyone work properly?

I’m assuming the ST integration will only work with Skybell HD and not 2.0 nor the earlier models?

(Chris) #63

Yes. The SmartThings integration is just for the SkyBell HD Doorbell.

(Chris) #64

Right now the intercom and live video stream is still handled by the SkyBell App.

We’ll definitely be looking to improve the integration, but I couldn’t tell you whether or not the intercom feature will be available any time soon. We have some interesting stuff in the pipeline that should make this possible, and I’ll be sure to bring it up!

(Kuldip Pabla) #65

Hi Chris,

At this time, we are looking for notification from the doorbell and a picture from the builtin camera (photo burst). Once you have audio and video streams integrated, we can integrate those too. SO, just for notification, is there an open source code that we can use to pair up?


(Devesh Batra) #66


Can i install it now from the IDE to test :wink:


(Chris) #67

+1 id be willing to test too :wink:

(John Dowty) #68

Ya, I noticed the device type existed… still hoping and waiting for the release (or pre-release wink, wink).

I keep hearing ‘soon’.
Is it ‘soon’ yet? :slight_smile: haha

(Võ Thanh Minh) #69

hi all
I think if used skybell will easily stolen. it is easily destructive devices??

anyone have experience telling me about this


(Devesh Batra) #70

@Tyler appreciate an update on when we will be able to install the device in ST…

Have folks come over next week and it would be nice to have an integrated view in Smartiles with Blink and Skybell all in one place…


(Andy Armijo) #71

Well, Skybell showed up in the connect new device section of the app, under cameras a few days ago. The page was blank, and now skybell does not show up there. What a freaking tease though. I’ve got two incredibly blue… yeah, super anxious

(Devesh Batra) #72

@Tyler @SkyBellAndrew any ETA on the availability of the device handler ?


(Andy Armijo) #73

for real. I am sick of checking every couple of hours

(Andy Armijo) #74

ok. smartthings is really dragging their feet on this. idk if it always goes this way with new device support, but in the meantime I found a solution that makes me happy on several levels. part of what I wanted to do was pull up the video on TV or SOMETHING other than a phone when my doorbell is rung. I also wanted a display capable of controlling smartthings, something more focused than a tablet mounted on the wall that is only displaying a webpage. I’m not sure how much control this here thing will actually have, if any at all, but I thought I would share the excitement I am feeling. Also, the more people who are into a specific device, the more solid the integration becomes. At least that is what someone as new as I have begun to notice.


That product is still in pre-order, so there’s no telling what features it will have yet. The fact that it’s available for preorder at Amazon is a good sign, but the manufacturer’s website is frustrating: all pretty pictures and no real data. Not even any pricing.

When that particular product was first introduced at CES 2015 they said there would be a $99 per year service contract for some of the advanced features. But no way to tell on the website whether that still true or not.

It’s all just smoke and mirrors now, we’ll have to wait until it ships to see what if any SmartThings or Skybell integration it has.