Doorbell that sends a still photo when rung - does it exist?

Hey all,

Sorry if this makes me a dummy, but I have a Ring doorbell now and while it works more or less fine, establishing the video linkup takes some time and I get a fair number of deliveries to my door. I feel like a no-brainer feature for a video doorbell would be to take and send via text or notification a still photo of the person hitting the button (maybe a second after they hit it so their finger is out of the way) so that you know who hit the doorbell without going to your phone and doing all the video jazz. But as far as I can tell, such a device with such an ability does not exist, even taking IFTTT into account. Any suggestions on how to do this? I am happy to switch doorbells if that is what it takes, as long as it’s still basically rectangular and not truly huge. Thanks to anyone who can help!

You can do this using an app called IFTTT. Every time it detects motion I have it snap a picture and send it to Google drive