Take picture of someone at your door

Curious if there is a good outdoor camera that integrates with smartthings and the door knock feature. All too often someone knocks on my door while I am not home. I get a notification that someone knocked on the door but would love to see who it is. It doesn’t need to be Video just a picture tied to the notification. Any ideas on an app and camera that would be good for this? Preferably the camera would be POE with a power injector.

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If you can wait a bit there are a few video doorbell integrations that are allegedly going through QA right now…

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Believe it or not no one uses the damn door bell LOL. They knock on my door for some reason. I’d be fine to wait but need it to integrate with the vibration sensor.

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if it has a direct integration you will hopefully be able to trigger a snapshot or video recording based on an external trigger. We obviously won’t know what the integration looks like until it’s released, unless @tyler feels generous today and will give us some insight? :slight_smile:

I have a Ring doorbell and it records a 40 second video whenever there is motion or the doorbell is pressed. If we ever get integration with that it would be awesome. I’m using a combination of IFTTT and RM rules to turn lights on at night based on motion from it currently.

I have the same problem and it drives me nuts. First I thought it was my small doorbell button, but now with the Ring, people I know knock. I find strangers ring the bell. I think knocking is a more aggressive form and that is why people I know tend to do that.

I use the generic IP video camera device type with some old Samsung IP cameras and my own doorbell device type to achieve this. I get a notification from SmartThings when the doorbell rings, and it also triggers the camera to take a photo. I can then go to the camera thing page and see the photo. Works great to confirm that we got a UPS delivery, or whatever.

Dan999, what camera do you use? I don’t think the Samsung cameras are outdoor. I’m hoping to find a POE Outdoor camera that is compatible. And also curious about this doorbell device.

I use an indoor camera looking through an upstairs window.

I posted a device type here: A simple way to get alerts when your doorbell is rung. Do read the whole thread for simple doorbell ideas.