Door/window switches not "working"?

I’m new to smartthings and just got me hub the other day. I have not yet found a solution to my problem online so I’m posting it here. pardon if I merely failed to find it already.
I’ve successfully paired two smoke/CO alarms, two phones, a repeater(although it seems odd), and soon need to connect my kwikset lock.
what I’m hung up on is that ive been able to connect/pair both an aeon labs door/window sensor as well as a linear one… one appears via the app to be stuck open and the other stuck closed. from the app, neither seem to react to being actually opened or closed although the lights and even slight audible clicks within the sensors occur as one would expect. ive tried disconnecting and reconnecting them from the hub with no different results.
any thoughts? thanks!!!

so, i left these paired for a few days and it appears to have fixed itself… likely with a reboot of the hub when I unplugged and plugged it in.