Monoprice door/window contacts

Anyone else having issues with these that has a fix? I’ve read all the posts I can find on them. Most are back into 2014. They paired immediately out of the box putting the battery in. But now they’re stuck in OPEN. One is mounted and one is not.

Have you tried rebooting the hub? There was some platform quirkiness earlier.

This may be able to help, its for a different sensor that has the same issue:

Which device type are you using? I had trouble with them being stuck open when I used some monoprice specific device type that I found in this forum, but when I went back to the generic zwave door sensor device type, it works properly for me.

Yea idk I tried that post and a bunch of other stuff too. @ajma it was a normal z wave door and window type. Funny thing, I got fed up and went to bed. They’re working fine this morning all of a sudden