Outdoor motion & contact sensors (UK)

I’m wondering if any of you out there in the community have used contact or motion sensors outdoors before. I basically have some gates outside and I’m looking to put a contact sensor on it with a motion sensor on the driveway behind it.

I’ve used a few motion and contact sensors before here in the UK but I don’t know of any certified to work outside.

Are there any that anyone knows? That work with SmartThings.

These look like they would do the trick:

We can’t get these in the USA yet but I hope they make them compatible soon.

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Thats a good shout. Bizarrely I’d never thought of putting one on the side gate and the shed etc. but really want to do that now.
I take it the official sensors and/or the Orvibo ones aren’t waterproof?

The cheapo Chinese ones are Orvibo, yep? If so no I don’t think they are. The smartthings ones definitely aren’t.

The ones @dancran mentions above do look interesting actually. I might try one of those out. It’s quite a lot of money for one though to then find out they aren’t compatible with SmartThings!

There are some reviews on the UK supplier site. At least one guy got it working with the V2 hub.

I have the sensative and they work well. Pairing was easy also; they work almost straight forward out of the box. It is a nice piece of engineering.


I agree with @Gaztea.
Paired immediately with no issues. installed one on my garage side door and it works brilliantly. Lovely piece of kit.

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for an outdoor motion sensor to work in the UK. Any ideas?

Someone said that these sensative strips weren’t really weatherproof and shouldn’t be exposed to the rain. I think the rear mounting / seal was just accomplished by double side sticky tape or something.

Is anyone using them truly exposed to the British weather or have any comments on their construction in this regard ?

I have one of these that is fixed to the inside of my garage side door.
Not sure if it is practical for the application you want but you could fix them using the double sided strip on the back of the sensor, and then if its practical, put duck/gaffer tape over the strip to seal it.
It shouldn’t affect the functioning of the strip. The reason I say this is I first fixed mine to the top of my garage side door but it kept showing as closed because it was seeing the metal door lintel (I think) which was about 3 inches away from it.
When I moved the strip away from the lintel it worked perfectly.