Door/Window Open/Close Contact

Looking for a solid performing open/close switch to use on my doors and windows. Prefer something that is smaller and has long battery life. Don’t mind if they are a little more expensive than others.

We have been using the Visonic ones, but they don’t appear to be available anymore.


There are multiple existing threads on this topic, so I’d check those.

Since you aren’t specifically looking for a budget sensor,
I’d also consider Sensative strips. These fit in the door frame instead of on the door, so they are nearly invisible. Work well out of the box with smartthings. They have a patented battery which should last for about 10 years, but it’s not replaceable.

The prices recently gone way up, I’ve seen them as much as $65 each on Amazon. Some specialty retailers still have some in stock, and then you can find them at the old prices:

So this is a good choice for some people, but not everyone.

Note that this is a Z wave sensor, so if you have to make sure it matches the frequency of your hub. You didn’t say what country you are in. Sensative sells both US and EU/UK models, so make sure you are getting the right one.

Thanks JD… Do you know anything about the Sengled window/door sensors?

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I don’t, sorry.

I have been using the ecolink along with the legacy smartthings multisensor. They have been great for me, with good battery life.
Available on ebay for around $13.