Door Lock Guest Codes set and unset by some one/thing else (Feb 2023 and July 2023)

I have Z-Wave Schlage BE469 locks - 4 total (2x on each of 2 hubs). I got the same messages.

I tested all my devices after the weird messages. 3 of my locks work fine. On one of them is busted. I seem to be able to delete codes, but when I try to add them I get an error β€œSomething went wrong while creating the lock code. Try again.” I tried old codes and new codes - nothing works.

I tried rebooting the hub, repairing the z-wave network, uninstalling/reinstalling Smart Lock Guest Access, and uninstalling/reinstalling the app. Nothing works to be able to program this last lock.

Will we get help with this?

The fix for this just went into production 16 minutes ago, so i’d give it 12 hours for the driver on your hub to update and then try again


Thank you.

We expect that this fix will stop the extra push notifications, and reports of events in the History page.

We are actively monitoring this issue and investigating further.

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I was on a plane and these notifications started popping in. Wife was at work and started freaking out thinking someone was hacking the locks. She is just a user and knows little about all the happenings. I talked her down when I landed.

Smartthings: If security related, please be cautious!

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This has not fixed it for me.

Hello, I am sorry for the inconvenience. l Can you please message me directly and let me know the following please?

Please enable support access (unless you have already)

  1. Open SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.
  2. Toggle account data access permission and select the appropriate duration
  3. Tap confirm to allow support access

Please let me know the email that you use to sign on into SmartThings.

Please let me know the name of your device where you are seeing issues persist and a description of the issues.

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Done. Thanks

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You can also learn a lot about what is happening from the driver logging in the ST CLI. You can also use the CLI to send commands to the lock to see if you can cause the problem. When I was investigating this issue previously, it seemed like the reloadAllCodes and requestCode commands would trigger the driver to reset the lock code names and trigger the constant refreshing with accompanying messages.

 1   setCodeLength(length<integer>)                                
 2   reloadAllCodes()                                              
 3   unlock()                                                      
 4   unlockWithTimeout()                                           
 5   setCode(codeSlot<integer>, codePIN<string>, codeName<string>) 
 6   requestCode(codeSlot<integer>)                                
 7   lock()                                                        
 8   updateCodes(codes<JsonObject>)                                
 9   deleteCode(codeSlot<integer>)                                 
 10  nameSlot(codeSlot<integer>, codeName<string>)                 
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Hello, Can you verify that access to your account is still enabled? I am no longer able to access and am wondering if you enabled for a brief time?

I noticed this happened whenever I opened SLGA and went into lock codes. Things got crazy and I would get around 20 notifications about lock codes being updated and renamed and so on. Sometime this would also happen if someone unlocked the door with one of the codes.

This happens with both the Zwave lock Edge driver and the Zigbee Edge lock driver.

My guess is that is because SLGA issues a reloadAllCodes command so that it has the latest and greatest lock codes and lock code names from the driver. In fact, if you issue a reloadAllCodes from the CLI, SLGA will send you a notification for each lock code you have configured indicating that it has been updated (also happens if you use requestCode to get a single slot’s info).

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Yes, it was set to one hour. I just opened access again for 1 day.


I have turned off all SLGA notifications and I’m recreating much better functionality in Sharptools and then I’m just going to remove SLGA altogether. I have opened a slew of issues with ST support over the years and they have asked me their standard open the support access and so on and to date they have never got back to me or fixed a single one. I have a ticket open for Stelpro thermostats for a month and a half and when I asked them for an update they replied with there waiting to assign a developer. Really LOL. Over the years I have learned you just have to improvise and figure out work around’s yourself. ST is not going to help!!

What will you use to manage lock codes?

Sharptoos, I’m building it now. You can make a Dashboard and enter and delete the codes. You can even delete them at certain time or only allow certain days during certain times. Sharptools is very easy to use you just have to build the rules.

That’s not doable with my locks I don’t think. The necessary capabilities are not exposed (whether it be the old DTH or the new driver).

EDIT: Ignore me, I was thinking of a different issue.

I have all Kwikset locks. Setup a free account and you can check the capabilities of the lock and also see if the lock returns the lock codeId and method. You can also create a test rule and pick the lock you want to test and see what options you have in actions such as code slot, code and description.

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Yea, I am a heavy SharpTools (premium) user. As I updated above, I was thinking of something completely different when I first posted.

I know a few peope have asked for an example of a rule in Sharptools for lock management this is a simple one to send a SMS message when the door is locked or unlocked.

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