Don't delete 'Classic' app if you have Schlage SmartLocks!

I got rid of it when I started using the ‘Connect’ app since it seemed to have the same functionality. Wrong! The ‘Connect’ app doesn’t do lock codes. Reinstalling the ‘Classic’ app, forced me into a firmware reset on the hub which required excluding all of my devices and then re-including them. Troubleshooting all of this has taken over a full day of work and I’m not done.

you should have selected new user when you logged into the Classic app and not been forced to reset everything.

Also, you can have both the Classic and STSC apps installed and use both to manage devices.


they will be offering a version of Smart Locks for the STSC app at some point. They almost included it in the last app update.

Thanks. I wish that had been obvious. So how do I protect my ability to control lock codes if I lose my phone?

hopefully you use a code, fingerprint and/or facial recognition to protect your phone?

I do… I guess I’m just worried that my lock codes will be screwed up if I need to reinstall ‘Classic’ app on the same or a different phone.

no, everything would show on any new phones :slight_smile:

Thank you!


They almost made the hub’s Bluetooth operational a couple years ago.

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yep, it was in the app release notes

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You can keep both Classic and Connect installed side by side if you want to use SmartLocks and the new app. Even if you deleted it, you can still get back in and login with your exiting samsung credentials and it’ll still be there.

If have access to RBoy Apps and if you want to use a more advanced code management app with the new Connect app you can check out this app (LUM) (it also works side by side with the SmartLocks app):

is there a roadmap for the new app to have all the classic app features? I have both on my phone and the new apps seem to have a lot less features and available objects


Sooo… ummm… is it too soon to ask if Samsung Connect can replace the Classic app?

Just wondering.


It does not have all the same features if that’s what you’re asking. See the following:

SPECIFIC differences between "SmartThings Classic" (the V2 app) and “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” (the V3 app)

And here’s the discussion thread on the most recent update to the new app:

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I’ve never grasped the rush so many folks have to get the newest thing.
But whatever floats your boat.

…says a user who has a SmartThings hub… :smile: