Dome Water Shut Off Valve

Thanks for the response. I had done this but maybe I was not diligent enough. I removed the “Smart Home” and installed it again. This time I made sure I hit save on each step and noticed that it wrote two sequences at the end of the setup. All works now! Thanks for your help.

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I installed the done water valve, and it does not open it close via z wave command’s. But status feedback is correct, even when operating the valve by the physical pushbutton. Anyone know how to get this thing to actually work properly?
Device handler is there, and tried exciting and connecting to zwave network multiple times since…?

Do you have it installed on the pipe already? If so, try removing it to see if it will move. Your valve may be too tight to allow it to move.

I do not have I installed yet. I have it on my workbench. Wanted to test
all my automations before installing (glad I waited…)

It moves great when pressing the physical button.

Seems to be built well(physically), so it’s kinda depressing that it isn’t

What Device Type Handler are you using? I believe there are some community developed versions. Also, you might want to contact support to see if they can assist. I don’t recall having to do anything special to get it to work, though.

I would exclude the device and pair it again. It sounds like the initial pairing didn’t go as planned. Here is the community developed device handler. I have used it with no issues.

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I also used that no issue, took two tries to pair, easy setup

i tried contacting them twice via their website for support and never heard anything from them…

I am using the ‘official device handler’ that Brian mentioned. I’ve even tried making my own copy vs updating from the repository (no difference)

I’ve had someone mention to me to follow these instructions, so ill try that when i get home from work tonight.
Remove the device and then reset it by holding the open/close button for 10 seconds. A flashing light indicates that it was successfully reset. After doing that, add it back to SmartThings and if it still doesn’t work you’ll need to get a replacement.

I have yet to hear anything at all from them on my ticket (and multiple calls).

Has anyone tried to see if this will respond if the internet is out? I have a hard time believing this will only execute via the cloud. I havent tested it myself.

If you use a community created custom DTH, then cloud only. If you use a native ST DTH, it may or may not run on a local v2 Hub. But then, the logic also needs to be able to run locally as well. Check the status of your devices and apps in the ST Web IDE to determine if they run locally or cloud.

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That was me and I’m the one that wrote the Official DTHs for all the Dome products so I’m pretty sure the problem is unrelated to the DTH.

Your device is working, but it’s unable to fully close the valve and the motor doesn’t shut off, correct? I’ve tagged someone at Dome so maybe they can expedite things. @mictha1

The Dome DTHs were created after ST stopped accepting publication requests which is why they’re not built into the platform and won’t run locally.

I think this device uses standard commands so if you’re using SHM or Smart Lighting, you might be able to get it to run locally by changing it to one of the default handlers. I think it’s called something like zwave water valve, but you’ll need to check the execution location like @ogiewon suggested to see if that DTH runs locally.


Either the Dome DTH or the standard one says cloud. I may have to just test either one w/ the ST disconnected and tripping a leak sensor

i’ve just tried your resetting trick you mention. the first few times it was not successful, but the last try seems to be a success. it is now responding via z-wave commands.
(sorry i didn’t give you credit for it, i had just sent the steps to myself via a message, didn’t copy the link)

when it wasn’t functioning via Z-wave commands (physical pushbutton worked), the commands appeared to be sent, but the motor didnt move at all (couldn’t even hear it trying to)

our internet to the house is sporadic at times, so if that can cause an issue? but the internet was functional as other devices worked fine

does this device handler notify you if it looses communications with the device? I’m just worried if it would go offline again for some reason and i don’t notice. and there is a water leak, then this valve wouldn’t actually close

i did set up the Smart Lighting to open/close the valve once per week, haven’t tested it yet to verify it works

thanks for all of your hard work Kevin!

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It supports the SmartThings Health Check feature so it will get flagged as offline if it stops responding, but if you use my Simple Device Viewer SmartApp or another SmartApp like Device Monitor you can receive notifications when it goes offline.

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Can confirm that both the ST DTH and the Dome DTH will execute in the cloud when using the SmartThings Smart Home Monitor app. No internet = no leak prevention.

You may want to try changing the DTH to a standard Z-Wave Switch device to see if that will run locally and still provide the capability to open and close the valve (open = on, closed = off ???). As long as the logic is not reversed, you might be able to get things to run locally. Just an idea, as I haven’t tried it personally.

So it does function as a standard Z-Wave switch (correct logic). However, it appears my problem is that SHM isnt triggering off the leak.

Kinda thinking that the leak sensor isnt triggering while the internet is out. I dont see a history of it when I look at the recent readings.

It’s a ST leak sensor too.

I just realized the Leaks child app in SHM is executed in the cloud. I thought SHM was fully local?

Found the issue.

The SMH action of “close valves”, among others, is locally processed. This rules out using a generic switch DTH. However, both the custom DTH and the generic Z-Wave valve are cloud executed. The only other one that seems to be a valve is the fortezz water valve DTH. BUT, the logic is opposite (open = closed). I cant tell if any of the other DTH are valves.