Dome Water Main Shut-off not pairing

I have a new SmartThings Hub-2 running with 10 leak detectors. I"ve purchase a new Dome water main shut-off valve. Following all of the directions, the Hub does not recognize/pair with the Dome valve, yet SmartThings is listed as a compatible hub for the Dome valve. I see that there is a ‘community created device type’, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. Can someone help? Thanks…Jeremy Gray

Instructions are here: Using the Dome Water Main Shut-Off with SmartThings

I followed those instructions - mine paired right away, and has been rock-solid since

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Hi! Thanks for the instructions After working around with the SmartThings online interface i was able to get the Dome paired after re-logging into the Hub and republishing the Dome handler. I was hoping that this could be set to automatically close if a water leak is detected. Is this possible, and if so, what do I need to do to set this up? Thanks…

The easiest way is through Smart Home Monitor.

Hi! Thanks again! I finally found the proper steps through the app to get the Dome shut-off automated to all of my water sensors, so all is working and I’m very pleased with this set of devices….Thanks……

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Hi Jeremyg38,

I followed their instructions and published the code for myself to finish step 8.
Step 9 says Add the Water Main Shut-Off to your SmathThings system.
I opened my Smart Home monitor at my cell phone, went to My Home, Things , +Add a Thing, plugged the Dome Valve, Blue LED is blinking , but my smartphone is just Looking for devices…
and doesn’t find anything.

Is there any trick, no one is telling please ?

Thanks for any advise.

Some tips here:

Hi Hydro,
It started to work after 20 attempts , resetting and publishing twice and pressing On/Off switch few times.
I still don’t know, which part helped, but doesn’t matter now.
I am just disappointed , that manufacturer told me, that torque of these units is 5.16 – 6.63 lbs per foot, which is not and this unit doesn’t close my valve completely all the way. I was suspicious because the power supplier was just 12V and 1A.
I measured the torque I needed before I ordered this unit, but I have to modify it and make it work, otherwise the water is still getting through the valve to the system, which I tested already.
This unit is not designed for the 1" main Water valve. The design is flimsy and all of them on the market , which move the handle looks to me like a toys. I was hoping, that this one is different. The plastic portion where steel bracket is mounted is gonna get bridle and break in the near future from fatigue.
Is it really hard in 21st century to design something right and spend $10 more to get in the gear box one more gear set to get more torque, or install a little bigger motor for $5 more ?
Terrible engineering these days.
I am going to make my own.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to pair the Dome shut off valve with our Smart Things hub I corresponded with Dome HA support. They were quite responsive but initially unable to help me pair the devices and sent my concern to a higher level tech support. By chance, I tried pairing the Dome Valve to the hub while holding the two devices within about one foot of each other…Voila! The manual states that the two should be within ten feet but for those having trouble, try a much closer distance. Hope this helps some one.

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What worked for me was pressing the On/Off button three times rapidly (all in one second). That requirement should be listed in the manual that comes with the device. I saved and published the Device Handler several times and turned the unit on and off, but none of that helped until I did the three-press-fandango. Then it paired up immediately.


Is their a way to use amazon echo dot to control it I would like to tell it to turn the water on and off ?

Like many of you i had a hard time getting the valve to connect. I moved it closer and called tech support. The fix was a rapid pushing off the button. 3 times as fast as i possible could.

However after reinstalling in location, having problems communicating with valve. Distance is only aroud twenty feet and i have farther zwave products further away. I’ve tried zwave reset on smarttgings. Any other suggestions?

Is there an LED bulb near the valve, or anything else that would cause a lot of radio interference?

It is installed in the mechanical area of the house and the majority of the time the lights are off. It is near the furnace which i have wondered if it creates interference by no idea why.

Most furnaces have lots of metal ductwork near them. Is there a lot of metal between the valve and your hub?

I would say the furnace is in direct line between the hub and shut off valve. There is also a leak detector located nearby that seams to have no problem. I have confirmed that the valve operates with app but smartthings continues to show no change in statues and says “device is unavailable”.

I installed it last weekend and everything tested fine in my limited testing. I ordered some Samsung Leak Detectors and installed them tonight. I tested them and they would sense water, and it would ask for the Dome to close but it would never close. It would leave the valve open. Interesting, I could directly connect to the dome and close it without issue with the Smarthtings App. Any suggestions? Hub update compatibility? Love the concept just concerned it will not preform when it needs to. Thanks.

The furnace may be too much metal in between the two… Do you have any other z-wave devices that are plugged in, like wall switches or outlets that would act as repeaters? If not, grab a Samsung Outlet or an Aeotec signal extender and place it in line of sight of both the hub and the valve and see if it works then.

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Thanks for this. I tried it like 10 times and it just wouldn’t pair. You really have to hit the button 3 times FAST. Once I got it fast enough it paired right away.


You’re the BEST!!! Mine finally works​:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::+1::+1::+1::point_up_2::+1: